What is it?

The Good Landlordship Act provides a solution for several major problems in the private rental market. These could be private landlords, rental agencies or employers providing housing to migrant workers. Firstly, the law is intended to prevent and combat discrimination and intimidation by landlords. Additionaly, landlords are required to draw up a written lease and they must inform tenants about their rights and obligations. Moreover, a maintenance plan must be present and the rent, deposit and service charges may not be excessively high. Service charges must also be fully broken down in all cost items. In addition, employment contracts and rental contracts must now be separated. This makes labor migrants less dependent on their employer.

More information about this law can be found (in Dutch) at  Staatsblad 2023, 103 | Overheid.nl > Officiële bekendmakingen (officielebekendmakingen.nl)(externe link). On de website Wet goed verhuurderschap | Home | Volkshuisvesting Nederland(externe link) you can find an explainer video in several languages.

How does it work?

The municipality has set up a form to report abuses by private landlords, found at the bottom of this page. Here, tenants can make a report about undesirable situations or unwanted behaviour from their landlord. The municipality supports and informs tenants about their options. If necessary and in consultation with the tenant, the municipality addresses the landlord or rental company.

Do you have something to report or a complaint about your landlord or rental company?

Do you have a problem with your landlord? You can make a report. We will discuss the situation with you and look at possible solutions.

Complaints / reports related to housing rental corporations.

You can turn to one of the following committees:

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