Wat is het?

What is it?

In Wassenaar the following areas are blue zone areas:

  1. The city centre (from Monday till Saturday from 9 AM till 6 PM, maximum of 2 hours)
  2. Storm van ‘s-Gravesandeweg and surroundings (from Monday till Sunday from 9 AM till 9 PM, maximum of 2 hours).

It is only possible for residents of the area to apply for a parking exemption for the car that they drive. The exemption is linked to the license plate of the vehicle. Exemptions are given for a period of 3 years.

You will receive the exemption directly when applying for it in person. It takes a few days when applying for it online.

Hoe werkt het?

How does it work?

The applicant needs to be registered in the Municipal Administration on an address located in the blue zone area.

To be granted with an exemption for the blue zone area in the centre of Wassenaar, there are some additional conditions:

  • To be granted an exemption, one cannot have its own parking space (such as a driveway with or without garage and a parking box).
  • An exemption is only granted for the private use of a vehicle.
  • Per address, only one exemption will be granted.

For the exemptions in the centre of Wassenaar there are the following limitations: the exemption cannot be used on the Luifelbaan (including the parking garage), the parking area Den Hoek (including the parking basement), the Schelpsloot, the blue zone area with a limit of parking for ½ hour, and the part of Achterweg, Van Hogedorpstraat, and Tuinpad that is assigned as “erf”.

People that live on the Van s’-Gravesandeweg can apply for parking permits for more than one vehicle.

Wat kost het?

What are the costs?


Exemption: €16,35

Change of exemption: €8,10

Legesverordening Wassenaar

Direct online regelen

Arrange it online

The municipality Wassenaar works with DigiD. For more information on DigiD

DigiD stands for Digital Identity and is being used to arrange something with a (semi) governmental organization on the Internet. Anyone who has a citizen service number (BSN number) and is registered in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) can apply for a DigiD.

If this is not the case for you, we kindly request you to make an appointment or contact the municipality.

The municipality Wassenaar works with eIDAS. For more information on eIDAS.

eIDAS (Electronic Identification Authentication and trust Services) is a method conducted by the European Union (EU) to make cross-border usage of the national digital identity method possible. Logging in, at the moment, can only be done with the national digital identity methods from the following member states of the EU: Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg and Spain.

If you are not from one of these countries, we kindly request you to make an appointment or contact the municipality.

Please read the whole webpage carefully first for the requirements.

You must digitally attach a copy of your registration certificate or lease contract.

PU-2036-11 Parking exemption new (blue zone) with DigiD
PU-2036-12 Parking exemption new (blue zone) with eID (eIDAS)

Online een afspraak maken

Make an appointment?

Make an appointment?