What is it?

The public space consists of areas that are accessible to everyone. Examples are squares, roads, parks, playgrounds, and sports fields. It is important that these public areas are safe and clean. Have you noticed that something in the public space is broken or that a public space needs to be cleaned up? You can notify the municipality about this. The municipality will resolve this issue as soon as possible.

How does it work?

You can report the municipality about the following issues:

  •  Loose paving stones 
  •  Pothole 
  •  Broken street lights 
  •  Broken lampposts or road signs 
  •  Unsafe areas 
  •  Overdue maintenance of public green areas, such as the growth of weeds 
  •  Blown off branches or fallen trees 
  •  Destroyed nature 
  •  Litter 
  •  Overflowing bins 
  •  Dead animals along the road or in the water 
  •  Stench 
  •  Abandoned bicycles or cars 
  •  Dangerous traffic situations 
  •  Construction and maintenance of play areas 
  •  Damaged or unsafe playground equipment

You cannot report the municipality about the following issues 

  • If you found a living animal: call the animal ambulance 
  • Inconvenience caused by other people (neighbors, youth, addicts): call the police

Important The municipality cannot solve all the notifications made. If you have made a notification about an object or an area that is not part of the municipality, the municipality is unable to solve this issue. You can notify the owner of the problem.

What should I do?

You notify the municipality of the problem in the public space. It is important to clearly describe what the problem is. Also indicate the exact location.

How long does it take?

The municipality aims to deal with your notification within 5 working days. However, this does not necessarily mean that the issues will be solved within 5 working days. Sometimes more time is needed to solve the issue.

Arrange it online

The municipality Wassenaar works with DigiD. For more information on DigiD(externe link)


Stands for Digital Identity and is being used to arrange something with a (semi) governmental organization on the Internet. Anyone who has a citizen service number (BSN number) and is registered in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) can apply for a DigiD.

If this is not the case for you, we kindly request you to make an appointment or Contact the municipality | Wassenaar.

The municipality Wassenaar works with eIDAS. For more information on eIDAS.(externe link)


(Electronic Identification Authentication and trust Services) is a method conducted by the European Union (EU) to make cross-border usage of the national digital identity method possible. Logging in, at the moment, can only be done with the national digital identity methods from the following member states of the EU: Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg and Spain.

If you are not from one of these countries, we kindly request you to make an appointment or Contact the municipality | Wassenaar.

WS-2005-10 Notification public space

DigiD linkWS-2005-11 Notification public space with DigiD

WS-2005-12 Notification public space with eID (eIDAS)

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