I need medical help; where can I go?

In The Netherlands, it is the general practitioner (doctor) who provides regular care. If nessesary, the GP will refer you to another care facility. The Care Insurace Line(externe link), provides free advice and practical tips about care, even if you are not ensured. The telephone number is 0800 - 64 64 644.  Or from abroad 0031889006960.

I urgentely need a doctor and it is the evening, the night or the weekend; what can I do?

The best from Wassenaar is to make an appointment with the General Practice Centre Hadoks Acute care (Hadoks Acute zorg). Ring 070 - 346 96 69 to make an appointment. 

Depending on the situation:

  • You will receive medical advice over the phone;
  • You will receive an appointment to visit the medical centre;
  • The doctor will visit you where you reside (should transport not be recommanded) 

Where can I find a chemist?

Apotheek (chemist) Wassenaar 
Hofcampweg 254
Telephone number 070 - 512 10 10
Openings hours: Monday to Friday 08:30 - 17:30 & Saturday 10:00 - 13:00. You can also collect your medicine from a medical dispenser 24/7.
www.serviceapotheek.nl (externe link)

Are dental costs reimbursed?

Adult dental costs are not reimbursed by the CAK subsidy scheme, as these costs are not covered by the basis health insurance package. If you need a dentist for issues that do not fall under acute emercency care (which every dentist provides), please contact the municipality at opvang@wassenaar.nl.