How does it work?

For the citizens of the municipality of Wassenaar, the bulky waste is arranged by the garbage collector Avalex(externe link). If you want your bulky waste to be collected, you can contact Avalex(externe link) for further information.

These types of bulky waste can be brought to Avalex (with an Avalex card):

  • Household waste, such as furniture and everyday objects, paper and cardboard;
  • Waste containing asbestos;
  • Hard plastic, such as garden furniture or buckets;
  • Plastic packaging, such as plastic bottles and polystyrene;
  • White and brown goods, such as major appliances and consumer electronics;
  • Flat glass and windows;
  • Household hazardous waste, in Dutch:Kca/Kga;
  • Timber qualities A/B/C

If you want to hand in construction and demolition waste, gypsum, roofing felt, impregnated wood and clean debris, you will have to pay a compensation per kilo. As well as for handing in car tires, you need to pay for each tire.

Only payment with debit card is allowed at the waste collection station. Cash payment is not possible.

Extra information  

The bulky waste should be offered alongside the public road and not on your private property.

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