Municipal Wassenaar
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Wassenaar provides many opportunities to play sports. There are multiple gyms and fitness facilities that make recreation possible.

Activity associations and clubs

Wassenaar is home to various activity associations and clubs. These include for instance; hobbies, carnaval, drama and allotment garden associations and clubs. You name it, Wassenaar has it.

Shopping in Wassenaar

Wassenaar offers diverse shopping possibilities. The Langstraat, the sociable center of Wassenaar is a beautiful shopping street where you can find various shops and boutiques. The Langstraat also has allot to offer for culture enthusiasts. Here, many houses and estates are listed as monumental buildings. To great delight of the public, several new restaurants have opened in the Langstraat in recent years.

Arts and culture

Wassenaar has a rich history in arts and culture. Aside from the many associations that are active in Wassenaar, efforts are made by the municipality in order to enhance artistic and cultural activities in Wassenaar. In addition, many cultural events are organized. Such as the exhibitions and concerts at The Paauw estate, performances in the Warenar Cultural Center and Plein Musique.